Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Qingming?
  2. When and Why was it started?
  3. Mission Statement
  • What is Qingming?
  • "Qingming" ( is a non-profit, non-political, non religous Chinese Memorial Site. It is created and maintainenced by volunteers. All the services here are free. We do not accept donations at this time.

    It consists of three major parts:
  • When and Why was it started?
  • When my husband passed away suddenly at the end of March, 1998, I lost myself at the same time. After two months of shock and numbness, I felt the heartache the first time in my life. I was too depressed to work. I had to search for help. Most of my friends are at my age. They are lucky not to have such a tragic experience. They couldn't understand my feelings and didn't know how to help. I talked with chaplains and psychiatrists. I joined the local supporting groups. Then I found online information about grief. I was in widownet for several months. They are great peoples. They open their hearts to others, help each other during their own tragedy. I got a lot of comfort from them and recovered gradually and healthily.

    I made a memorial page for my husband in June, 1998 and posted it in Virtual Memorials. I got a lot of e mail from others. I really wanted to communicate with more Chinese people who has similar loss scenarios. I search the net but wasn't able to find any such sites.I planed to make a Chinese Memorial page for my husband and checked a lotof web sites in China and found no appropriate place to put the page.

    Finally I decide to create my own site at my husband's one year anniversary, which is March 29, 1999. I wish people who come here can get some helpful information and a little bit of comfort. I am not a computer expert and I am also busy with my work and child, it will take me sometime to finish all the constructions. I will try to translate the helpful infomation as much as possible. I left China several years ago. I need all your help to get more related information in Chinese.

    I hope to see more Chinese web sites coming to address death, grief, recovery, etc. from various perspectives.

  • Mission Statement:
  • QingMing is an information and self-help resource for, and by, Chinese people of all ages and religious backgrounds who have suffered the death of parent, spouse, child, or other close relatives and friends.
    Topics covered include grief, bereavement, recovery, and other helpful information.

    Thank you for your visiting, your suggestions will be highly appreciated.